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Rosín: Gin-esque®, Raspberry, Hibiscus, Poacher’s Wild Tonic, Bay leaf
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Gin-Esque ® – Silk Roots was officially launched at Europe’s first exclusive non-alcoholic bar, The Virgin Mary, in Dublin on Saturday 24th August 2019!

On the evening Silk Roots was served with tonic and ice. Award-winning bartender, Anna Walsh (World Class Irish Bartender of the Year 2015) put on Rosín – a delicious and refreshing cocktail containing Silk Roots, Raspberry Juice and Hibiscus Juice mixed with Poachers Wild Tonic and garnished with a bay leaf and ice…

Gin-Esque® – Silk Roots was really well received by all customers and below are some of the comments from the day…

“Very Gin-esque, I don’t think I could tell the difference in a blind taste test”

“It brought me back to Sri lanka…Love the flavours and will recommend to my friends”

“Great for a night out when I want to pace myself”

“Clean, beautiful, refreshing. The perfect choice for a summer’s night out”

“New idea, floral and spicy one of a kind! Good luck”

“Was very refreshing and is an easy beverage to drink. As a person who doesn’t drink alcohol, I would certainly recommend the drink to friends and family”

“Form the first sniff the flavours present really come to the fore. Absolutely phenomenal taste, far superior to any alcoholic gin I have tried, would absolutely recommend”

“Nice flavour, similar to Dutch Genever gin. Spices aren’t overpowering, nice balance and flavourful”

“A ginuinely pleasant drink”

“Tastes delicious! Perfect notes of clove & cardamom to make a great gin-esque flavour”

The launch was summed up by the first sale of a full 70 cl bottle of Gin-Esque® – Silk Roots to a customer, who liked it so much they wanted to take it home.

Rosín stayed a special on the menu for the rest of the week with more to come…